Dark Innca Tec by Axel Lorentz 6'0

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Pukas Dark Innca Tec by Axel Lorentz 6'0 Surfboard

Pukas DARK by Axel Lorentz

Our fastest and most high-performance design.

The Pukas Dark was the runner-up choice for 3x World Champ Mick Fanning during the Stab in the Dark IV.

During this competition, the Pukas Dark was the fastest board reaching a top-speed of 38.4km/h. Pukas shaper Axel Lorentz wanted the board to be super fast: “I lowered the exit rocker and made the rails more parallel. The more parallel they are, the fastest the board goes.” Following this approach, Axel also acknowledged it would have a negative impact on maneuverability hadn’t he deepened the single concave; “deepening the concave in the Pukas Dark eases the maneuverability, which I also enhanced by adding a classic kick tail.”

Mick Fanning believes that a good board “has to perform well in all conditions”. During SITD Mick surfed Japanese typhoon condition, Californian Lower Trestles and his hometown Australian beach breaks that proved the Pukas Dark an internationally well-rounded high performance board he can trust.

  • Fin system: FCS II - Thruster
  • Tail: Diamond, Swallow & Round
  • Waves: Medium to Head size
  • Construction: INN·CA
  • Model: DARK by Axel Lorentz

Board Dimensions:

6'0 x 19' 0 x 2' 7/16" 28L

Need Fins?

The INN·CA Construction

Innegra fiber compliments other composite fibers lending itself to a variety of applications in a multiple of markets. Automotive, luggage, protective products, radomes, ballistics, and aerospace, to name a few, can benefit from the tough, lightweight, energy absorbing, and hydrophobic properties of this fiber.

Stronger, steadier and more resistant...

Innegra material is used in many different sport and marine applications. Innegra fiber can enhance the impact resistance and damage tolerance while reducing weight and vibration.

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