Limitless 4/3 Zipperless

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Deeply Wetsuit Limitless 4/3 Zipperless Yellow

Our new Limitless range wetsuits were designed to deliver unlimited mobility, unprecedented comfort, and a zero gravity feel. This is made possible due to our newest Mineralprene formula, developed using recycled oyster shells and limestone. The inside lining offers seamless heat retention and water repellency. The seams are glued and stitched to reinforce the inside without compromising flexibility due to ou ultra-flexible seam tapes. We have improved our wetsuit durability by introducing our foam memory recovery technology helping the wetsuit to maintain its integrity.
When choosing your wetsuit size, make sure to choose the correct fit. The wetsuit should be really fit and tight to begin with. It will perfectly adapt to your body within 2-3 surf sessions.


  • 4/3mm thickness
  • Mineralprene PLUS super-gum foam made in eco-friendly mix of Oyster shell powder with Limestone
  • Aqua α™: Aqua based lamination glue
  • Zip free entry system
  • Tightening system with double elastic and Nifco buckle
  • ENERGY TECH ultra-flexible panel in the underarms
  • Rubber bars on left shoulder panel to prevent water flushing
  • Glide skin neck collar
  • Seamless opening of neoprene panel in collar area
  • F-FLEX extra soft lining with heat retention and drying properties
  • External water block entry rubber ring on cuffs
  • Glued and blind stitched seams (GBS)
  • Seams sealed internally with elastic neo tapes 2.0
  • High density kneepads
  • Internal stress points reinforced with tape
  • Key loop on chest
  • Water temperature suitability: 10-14ºC 


XXS 162-166 5'3''-5'44'' 54-61 119-134
XS 165-170 5'41''-5'57'' 57-64 125-140
S 170-175 5'57''-5'74'' 61-70 135-155
MS 172-178 5'64''-5'83'' 64-73 140-160
M 175-180 5'74''-5'9'' 68-77 150-170
MT 178-183 5'83''-6'0'' 73-82 160-180
L 181-186 5'93''-6'1'' 77-86 170-190
XL 185-191 6'06"-6'26" 86-95 190-210
XXL 189-194 6'2"-6'36" 95-104 210-230

Tip: The wetsuit must be tight to your body. When the wetsuit is tried for first time, it’s normal that the wetsuit to feel a little tight to the body, even with a slightly feeling of discomfort. However, with the usage of the wetsuit it becomes more larger between 15%-20% and, after the first 2 or 3 uses, it will adapt to the body. In order to perform its functionality perfectly, as indicated, the wetsuit must be tight to the body.