Polen Lazy Dude II 6'0

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Polen Lazy Dude II 6'0 Surfboard

We designed this all around performance shortboard for surfers who really want 'that one super versatile shortboard'." We blended some elements of the Margarita and the Lazy Dude II for the surfer who can only choose one board and needs it to perform in the most different everyday conditions. It's a performance shortboard with a little wider outline, the wide point is pulled back and close to the front foot. With a single to double concave and medium rails, The One will make you have fun in good waves, but also to push you in weaker conditions, allowing performance surfing anytime, anywhere. Comes standard with round squash tail and 3 fin set up.

Need Fins?

 Fin System: FCS II 3 Fins

Size Range

6' 0 x 19' 1/4" x 2' 5/8" 32L

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