Premium 4/3 Back Zip

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Dark Blue

Product Details

Deeply Junior Wetsuit Premium 4/3 Chest Zip Fastdry

The Premium 4/3mm back zip is made in LX neoprene, the latest neoprene combination with high flexibility on the arms and legs. The fully based Limestone eco-friendly neoprene ensures water resistance and heat retention. The additional rubber shield on the upper front and back assures even stronger heat retention and wind protection. Glued and blind stitched seams are reinforced on the inside by ultra-flexible seam tapes. The neck collar is made in super soft and comfortable glide skin. The soft inner Deeply FastDry lining is placed on the upper body part, keeping the body warm and letting the wetsuit to dry faster. The new terry cloth soft lining is placed all over the arms, waist and legs. The suit’s outer coating is ultra-soft and stretchy. The neoprene panel opening in the seamless collar area allows for the suit to be put on and taken off easily. High density kneepads and seamless areas under the arms ensure effective protection and paddling without restrictions.
The neoprene foam memory recovery is improved making the wetsuit durability longer. The wetsuit first try will result in a tight feeling and it will need 2-3 surf session to perfectly adapt to the body. Always remember that the wetsuit must be really fit to the body to perform correctly.


  • 4/3mm thickness
  • LX Neoprene ultra-comfortable made in eco-friendly Limestone
  • Aqua α™: Aqua based lamination glue
  • Zipperless entry system
  • Tightening system with double elastic and Nifco buckle
  • Rubber bars on left shoulder panel to prevent water flushing
  • Chest panel tightening system with elastic and stopper
  • Glide skin neck collar
  • Deeply FastDry lining on torso and back zone
  • Terry black cloth soft lining on the arms and legs
  • Glued and blind stitched seams (GBS)
  • Seams sealed internally with elastic tapes
  • Internal stress points reinforced with tape
  • Key loop on chest
  • Water temperature suitability: 10-14ºC