Protech Double UP



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NSP Protech Double UP Surfboard


Double the paddle power with a Protech Double UP

Imagine taking your favorite longboard, and squeezing all that stability and ease-of-use into a mid-length surfboard. The volume would remain, giving you lots of flotation and paddle power. And just imagine your balance!

This is what the Double Up is all about. NSP created a shape aimed at beginners and intermediates looking to progress beyond the board they learned on and retain that sweet flotation and paddling power. Big boys are also going to appreciate the Double up as more of a performance board in line with their specific volume requirements.

Rail: Full
Bottom: Beginner to Intermediate
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert

Fin System: Futures®

An elegant rocker with a mild lift on nose and tail translates to solid paddling power and wave-catching prowess. Advanced riders will enjoy the swift directional changes thanks to a double-rolled concave at the back portion of the board.

The new tint lamination process provides each board with its own unique, custom-like boutique finish. A visually appealing piece of kit!

Protech Double UP Fins:

Comes with NSP’s new FTU side fin boxes (compatible with Futures® Fins) and a Surf 10 center fin box. New MFC-designed nylon side fins and 8” center fin included.

Board Dimensions:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'4" 22" 3" ³/⁴ 72 Liters 4.95 Kg
8'4" 23" 3" ³/⁴ 85 Liters 5.87 Kg

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