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Add some extra adhesion to your deck with the mega grippy Sticky Bumps Tour Series Wax. Three times stickier than the original formula and hardcore enough to keep up with professional level action, the Tour Series Cool/Cold formula offers substantial tackiness with a great bump-building pattern. These high quality, handcrafted bars are created in Sticky Bumps no waste California factory, with everything possible being reused and recycled. Instantly recognized and well loved, Sticky Bumps Wax snags, grabs and builds up the perfect sticky bumps for your riding pleasure.

# Temperature Range: 69°F/20°C & below

  • Cool/Cold Water Formula
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable and All-Natural
  • Banana Scent
  • 85g
  • For best performance, use Sticky Bumps Basecoat under any temperature-specific waxes.

    Ref. SB76

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