Wavy Ocean



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Wavy Ocean Surf Earplugs

Wavy Ocean is a reusable secure fit earplug protecting your ears from water and wind. Perfectly shaped for a secure fit and optimal comfort. Expertly made to protect your ears and let high-quality sound in. Designed for all seasons and extreme conditions.

1. Durable.
2. High-quality audio filters.
3. Secure fit ear sleeves along with various sizes of ear tips.

Product advantages:
1. Protected against harmful wind noise and water.
2. Keeping communication clear.
3. Designed for all-day comfort and secure fit.
CE tested & certified in the EU by a notified body.

In the box

- 2x Earplugs with high-quality 16dB audio filters.
- 1x Earplug storage pouch.
- 2x Grip ear sleeves.
- 1x Safety cord.
- 6x Waterproof interchangeable silicone ear tips sizes-small, medium, and large.

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