Shapers Union Tinder 5'8



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NSP Shapers Union Tinder Surfboard 5'8


The Tinder-D8 never lets you down, whether you swipe right, left or even up! Designed by Marcie O’Neill, the Tinder-D8 is your perfect match if you’re looking for an accessible, high-performance shortboard that works in a wider variety of conditions.

“I ride my 5’8″ in all types of waves and conditions – a perfect 10”
Tomás Lacerda – NSP Teamrider

Wave type: All conditions
Ideal Waves: 1-6ft
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Tinder-D8, in a rounded square tail with quad or thruster fin set-up, a single concave from the mid-section through to a double out the fins, combined with a flatter rocker, gets you down the line fast, keeps you in the pocket and enhances your maneuvers.

Every CSE Tinder-D8 comes with 5 FTU fin boxes (all compatible with Futures® Fins) so you can ride as a quad or thruster (fins NOT included).

Board Dimensions:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
6'8" 21" 2 ⁵/⁸ 42.1 Liters 3.40 Kg
7'2" 21 ¹/² 2 ³/⁴ 49.0 Liters 3.89 Kg

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