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Hubboards Hubb Quad Core PP Sci Five

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Size | 41.5

Color | Black/White


The Hubboards Hubb PP Pro Sci Five Crescent Tail Bodyboard

Go faster, fly higher with the Hubb Edition Quad Core & Scifive Channel System. The ultimate in high-performance board design. It has a specially engineered core with two layers of mesh suspension fused with Polypro, dramatically increasing the board's speed, projection and durability. The Quad Core is the most advanced core available on the market and exclusive only to Hubboards. Now with the famous Sci-Five Concave bottom to greatly increase the board's overall speed, control and responsiveness. This happens as water is rapidly pushed through the 5 tight hydrodynamic channels creating cavitation which gives lift in the tail thus minimizing friction which reduces drag which equals increasing speed. When riding on your rail the Scifive channels are engaged to give you heavy duty traction with out any sacrifice for maneuverability. The gradual 18 inch channels are narrow, and they also stop well short of the center of the board, this is designed specifically in order to allow you the freedom to spin, launch and carve in and around the pocket with ease. 


Quad Core
8lb PE Deck
Hubb Contour Deck
Nose Bulbs
Select sizes offered in Single or Double CFT Stringers
Surlyn Slick
Sci-Five Concave Bottom
Crescent Tail
Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness with Volume in Liters

39" x 10.875" x 19.5" (@16") x 16.5" x 52mm with 16.7 liters in Volume
40.5" x 11.125" x 20.625" (@16.75") x 17.5" x 52mm with 18.6 Liters in Volume
41.5" x 11.375" x 21" (@17") x 18" x 53mm with 19.9 Liters in Volume
42.5" x 11.75" x 21.375" (@17.5") x 18.25" x 54mm with 21.2 Liters In Volume
43.5"x 12 3/8" x 22 1/2" (@17 3/4") x 19 1/8" x 56mm with 23.9 Liters in Volume