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The Vulcan V3 Limited Edition



Product Details

The Vulcan V3 All Black Limited Edition Bodyboard Swimfins

Flex refers to the stiffness of your fins and you will find that as your bodyboarding improves you are likely to want stiffer flex. V3 models have the same foot pocket as the v1 & v2 but has a stiffer rubber on the bottom foot pocket to improve the power keep comfort with neoprene piece inside.

3 rubber hardnesses for optimum performances

  • Inside neopren pad
  • Ergonomic Foot Pocket
  • Optimum Drainage system
  • Anatomically designed strap
  • Made with premium quality Malaysian Rubber 

Size :

S (US 6-7 | EUR 39-40)

M (US 7.5-9 | EUR 40.5-42.5)

ML (US 9.5-10 | EUR 43-44)

L (US 10-11.5 | EUR 44-45)

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